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Little Straw Hat Mini, 6 page Chip Board Round Mini.

Kits are available at

Supplies you will need: chip board rounds (6”), paper (G45 Come Away With Me)

  8×8 pad is the general size for the project.Glue, General Crafting Supplies…

Cut 1/2 off the side of your circle, glue to the wrong side of your paper you want on top,

cover both sides edge to edge, and trim with craft knife.

After all pages are covered, punch the binding holes

(1/4” form edge, and 2’’”3/4” between holes is the general measurements.

Make supports for the holes in the Hat, the Straw will split.  I punched the large holes in the hat ,

punched the large hole in a folded paper to make 2 at a time, punched a circle (3/4”) hold punch,

place on on either side o the hold in the hat, and secure with a Grommet.

 Embellish your pages…